Vinyl Record Player Turntable TY-LP200


Vinyl Record Player Turntable TY-LP200

Blast from the Past

Music lovers all over the world are rediscovering the joy of listening to albums just as their ancestors did. Revive your musical experiences and listen to music the way it is meant to be enjoyed with Toshiba TY-LP200 12″ Turntable.

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    TY-LP200 is designed to wow users with a blend of two characters that it features- Vintage and Modern. The model is housed in a stylish, retro-inspired wooden cabinet with a handy tinted dust cover. It has two separate stereo shelf speakers that add value to your home decor. It also features a changeable ceramic cartridge and stylus for added versatility.


    TY-LP200 is a Belt-drive turntable with auto-return that lets you spins every record in your music collection with three easy-to-select RPM speeds. Choose 33 for all of your 12” records, 45 for 7” EPs and singles, and 78 for 10” vinyl rarities. TY-LP200 has a built-in encoder that lets you convert your vintage analog files into digital audio files and lets you transfer them to an external storage via a USB auxiliary cable.


    Bluetooth capabilities let you pair your speakers to external devices with ease. This gives you the advantage of playing your records in one room and listening to those in other rooms of your choice.


    Powerful 2 × 10 W External Stereo Speakers offers rich bass and clear sharps. Enjoy your Golden Oldies with enhanced clarity, sharpness, and power straight from the needle to your ears. Now every sound sounds better!

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